Thursday, September 22, 2005

Empowering India

This is what I feel about empowering India...I posted this article to Indian Express.

India empowered to me means every person has the opportunities & resources available to him/her to reach and exceed his / her capabilities helping us to build an impeccable India worthy of being an able successor to the ‘so called’ superpowers of this world. We have a long way to go on this journey. This inevitably has to begin with alleviating the poverty, providing education to all those who cannot afford it & impressing upon those who can afford it, its importance. Every child in India needs to be educated and every person in India needs to be independent financially so that he / she can take care of the basic needs of his family concerning food, cloth & shelter. Only beyond this they can manage to contribute in terms of intellectual capacity & intelligence for nation building.

Rising above the petty differences & reasons, the collective soul of the nation has to bind in a common purpose of building India. Each person has to ask himself what I can contribute for my country, only then we shall have a truly ‘Empowered & Strong India’.


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