Friday, March 21, 2008

How will India be a Developed Nation ?

I wish just like the question, only if I had a one line answer to this, but I don't.

Indians are an unusually talented lot, i guess we only need to get our act together.

We need more visionaries, more leaders. Jo chalein to hindustan chale, to hindustan chale....

I recently watched the "Lead India" series on television, the participants were very good & effective.

We need Indians to think scale in everything we do, we need every Indian to live for his country first before he lives for himself.

We need to do a lot for upliftment of the unpreviliged people in our society. I salute the NGO's and people who work untiringly to see that all poor people get atleast a meal a day.

We still have a long way to go....

We need good project managers for all the government projects to see minimum wastages & time overruns. We need Government to have all their plans as "Project" with fixed start & end dates rather than "Programmes" which are without any committments.

Public Distribution supply for those below poverty line needs a complete overhaul.

We need more accountability from the Government and its officials.

We need public servants to do their jobs sincerely & honestly.

Hell lot of investment needs to go into Agriculture sector to reduce our dependence on rains & to make a farmer's life worth living.

This may seem more like a wishlist than actual action plan but that's what it is till we Indians decide to make it a reality.

Insha Allah !


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