Thursday, September 22, 2011


A bad news to share, yesterday I've been diagnosed with Diabetes. Combined with Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), its a dangerous combination to have. What a terrible gift to have from my stay in South Korea ? Reasons are not difficult to fathom, high stress on account of both personal and professional activities here. Lack of communication, loneliness etc. lead to a weight loss of 11 kgs in past 2-3 months and total weight loss of about 15 kgs since I came here...its good in a way since the body weight comes down to 94 kgs from 109 kgs but it comes at a very high cost of health....even the Doctors here were unable to properly explain in English the full report of the Health checkup...of course it was more of my problem than theirs. It has always been like this all along my stay here. I would like to call this duration of my stay here 'a lost year'. Maybe I am part of the problem...adjusting has been tough and came with lots of compromises in the lifestyle. Small house, sustenance level salary, very old car managed from my own resources, no friends etc. etc. Right now I am blind to see any positives....


Blogger sandeep upadhyay said...

Give me some sunshine
give me some rain
Give me another chance
Wanna grow up once again.......

Bhaiya, doesn't provide the rewind button for us to relive the golden moments that we hold near and dear to...

Find things that you like enjoy and that bring happiness to you...Play Golf..Table Tennis..Fly Kites...

Get a new hobby...try out lego them with the paper planes or get a RC car or helicopter and fly them with candies for yourself...sometimes we suppress the innate and simple things that bought us happiness as kids and

When was the last time you did something that actually made you happy?

Be Happy...Live Longer...

14/12/11 9:15 PM  

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