Monday, May 08, 2006


Hi friends !

Its been a long time since I last posted something here. I was somewhat busy. Busy with my pre-occupations in life.

As always I am a little lost in life :)

I am bored somewhat with myself & things around me. I am not doing things which I would like to do ? Again its a big question mark on what I would like to do.

I don't find time to listed to music, read books, i hardly play with my kiddo, i want her to behave herself. My wife is pissed off with my coming late.

At job I am lost in the ocean of priorities, everything seems to be important & urgent. Every day has new priorities & new actions to take. I don't even find time to revisit my earlier day's to do list.

My to do list is growing longer every day.

I want to go for a long ride on my motorbike, maybe a cross country ride for couple of weeks. In India for me these are yet but dreams.

Appraisals are coming up. Dunno if it will have something positive (as I always desire) or it will turn out to be same old story (as bosses always desire). I have slogged my asses off this year. Only thing remains to be seen is if the bosses perceive it smart work or hard(ly) work.

There are some positive developments too. Like I have lost almost 10 kilos & now I am 85 compared to 95 couple of months back....hmm..well...let me think....gosh that's the only thing positive I can think of now.

For some strange reason. I have started watching MTV at home (like I used to do 10 years back when at college). I downloaded songs with which I had a lot of bittersweet memories & sometimes listen to them. I am terrified of turning 29 on 07th July. 30 is looming large on the horizon.

My risk taking abilities have gone for a toss.

My dear life goes I growing old or older :(