Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Do not be insignificant like the eleventh decimal,
Do not be hopeless for yourself as your enemy is for himself,
Do not try to forget what is impossible to forgive,
Do not be water during flood,
Do not be sugar in my diabetic blood,
Do not be my ego for I need none,
Do not be my partner for whom I matter not,
Do not be my enemy for life-my wife,
Do not be the rays of the sun on a hot afternoon,
Do not be darkness on the lunar moon,
Do not despair when you do not find the light at end of the tunnel,
Do not be the extra pressure in my veins,
Try to be simple, logical & keen,
I do not do this to make any point,
I just do this to satiate my thirst,
The penchant for perfection, for glory,
I felt caught in this rat race for survival,
I got no choice, god gave me none,
The one I make should be finally one,
I seek some riches some joys of life,
I do not know when they'll materialise.
I need you my beliefs, do not desert me now,
After I've spent half of my working life thinking about you,
I need some flavor, I need some help,
God give me strength & courage to be right, always.
God help me be significant in this life....
God help me be significant in this life....