Tuesday, March 14, 2006


The comparison is as controvertial as the famous coffee-toffee tagline in one of the ads appearing on Indian TV.

I feel every person has to define his/her need of sticking to the ends or the means. FOr some end is the most important, for others like me means are as important if not more than the end.

To quote from the 'Gita', Lord Krishna told Arjun "Karmanye Vadhikaraste Maa Phaleshu Kadachana", literal translation of which means "Do your karma (duty / work) and do not think / desire for its fruits / results".

It has become very difficult for me as a mortal to devise my own philosophy of life. I feel caught between this proverbial rat race for the end & the middle class upbringing (read that values / principles) which anchor me to means.

Amen !

Friday, March 10, 2006


I was deeply pained by the recent blasts that took around 20 lives & injured many more in varanasi. Though I am at a physical level not deeply associated with the place, as I was only born there & except for memories of occasional visits for summer vacation, I do not have any conscious memories of that place.

When I was there for my marriage, needless to say my wife too hails from Varanasi, I roamed around some of the places there, ghats, ganges, the narrow bylanes, BHU and since that time I have fell in love with that place. It resides in my heart.

Same evening it happened, after I heard about the blasts, apart from the fact that I felt in total denial of the incident & I could not believe something like this could ever happen to a place like Varanasi, I just sat there motionless for 5 hours, in front of my TV with news channels beaming the news.

I felt as if the blast had in fact ripped some part of my body. Luckily my wife & kid who have gone to Varanasi recently & were present in the city at time of blasts was another reason to be worried. They are all safe & sound but at the same time 20 lives have been lost they must have been somebody's wife, someone's father, some son & daughters of someone.

I have never been good at expressing my feelings and at the moment I can't find appropriate words to describe the anguish & pain I feel.

Amen !