Friday, October 06, 2006

I am back....

Hi Blog,

Wow it feels good to be back. Its been a long time since I posted something here.

Lots have happened interim. Got promoted with a measly raise :)

Having a good albeit tough time at office with truckloads of work. Project work moving in full swing. Meeting lots of foreign vendors & learning the nuances of dealing with foreigners.

Things good at home too. Its fantastic to see your kid growing up, to see subtle changes in her behaviour. Khushi is a darling.

My dreams of going on a long ride continue to remain dreams. Got a good big digital clock which we have put up in the drawing room.

My car giving some problems after the monsoons but its okay.

Bike doing fantastic as usual. Have joined at Orkut. Its a fantastic concept. I am really impressed.

That's it I guess. Till I am back again.

Bye !