Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I revert "back"

Hello world,

Its been a very long year since I was here. Lots have changed. I am 33, balding (read that almost completely bald), fat and many gray hairs in the leftover of leftovers left.

I have been waiting to exhale. Running about my daily life with a clockwork precision. For some reason I have become quite aggresive (not sure if that's my nature though). Don't remember when I heartily laughed last. I am not doing anything which makes me happy from within. Leading quite a mechanical life these days.

I could say that I have everything going for me at work and otherwise but I am not happy from within. I long for close friends. People with whom I can be myselft to for neither at work nor at home can I be that now.

Someday I would like to start with a business of my own. I am learning about the tricks of the trade from my suppliers (some great people I came across), the management program (eMBA) et al.

The worm of being different and doing something different in me has died a natural death. Surprisingly I am realising how boring getting mature can be. Sometimes I feel a generation gap with the young men & women who are just out of college and working in the company.

I am missing genuineness in people. Have become quite busy at work. Lot more responsibilities than I used to handle sometime back.

I want to go back in time and do things a little differently this time (if wishes had wings). I have stopped dreaming (even with closed eyes).

The other day I was talking about someone who is 40 years old. It seemed quite old to be 40, when I realised that 33 is actually not very far off from 40.

That's it for today..I guess. Will catch up later.